Group Quilts

Over the years, members have collaborated on creating some spectacular group quilts. These have been stored at the homes of various members but now it has been agreed that the quilts will be either given to those members that want them, sold or auctioned to raise group funds or given to charity. If anyone, public or group member, wants any of the quilts shown below, then please contact Yvonne Stafford via email ( Group members will get priority.

Baltimore 1992.jpg
Cathedral Window Front.jpeg
Cathedral Window Label.jpeg

Cathedral Window 1986

(80" x 66")

Baltimore 1992 

This quilt is currently on display at Southborough Library, well worth a visit to see this quilt in all its glory.

Christmas Quilt 1991.jpeg

Christmas Quilt 1991 (77" x 77")

Flower Fairies Front.jpeg
Flower Fairies Label.jpeg

Flower Fairies 1981

(48" x 36")

Migration Flying Geese 1993.jpeg

Migration Flying Geese 1993

(98" x 74")

No Name 4.jpeg

Splash of Silver 2006

Silver Jubilee (70" x 70")

No Name 5_edited.jpg

Fantasy Garden 1984 (78" x 60")

No Name 7.jpeg

Charm Quilt (Sheila's Trial) 1993

(86" x 68")

Orpington in Bloom Front.jpeg
Orpington in Bloom Label.jpeg

Orpington in Bloom 2016

(72" x 58")

Celebrating 35 years of Orpington Quilters, completed by 20 members.

Rose of Sharon Front.jpeg
Rose of Sharon Label.jpeg

Rose of Sharon


Seminole 1984 (80" x 80")

Round Robin 1 Autumn.jpeg
Round Robin 2 Winter.jpeg
Splash of Silver Front.jpeg

 Cream Quilt 1995 (96" x 60")

Round Robin Autumn 2000

(42" x 42")

Round Robin Winter 2000

(42" x 42")

Visions of Nature Front.jpeg

Visions of Nature 2012 (66" x 66")

Stained Glass Window 1989

On display at Southborough Library

Stained Glass Window 1989.jpg

The following quilts were also made from a group collaboration but have already found other homes, and therefore are not available.

Women in War WWII Front.jpeg
Women in War WWII Label.jpeg

Women At War 2015 (60" x 60")

This magnificent quilt deserved the perfect setting so it has been donated to the  Biggin Hill Museum. On 29th July 2022 they are opening a year-long exhibition where our quilt will be displayed. The museum is child-friendly so ideal for a family outing. 

Garden of England Bag.jpeg

Garden of England 2009 (92" x 68")

Rose, our remaining longest serving group member, has claimed this beautiful quilt, deservedly so.

Garden of England Portrait.jpeg
Garden of England Label 2.jpeg