Orpington Quilters

Jo Baddeley from Puddleducks was our quest speaker at the March meeting. She brought along a fabulous selection of fabrics to tempt us all into adding to our 'stash'. I'm sure we can anticipate lots of new projects from the purchases made that evening.

To keep things interesting, she also handed out some diamond-shaped EPP papers to those who were up for making up a Tumbling Blocks piece as a mini project in the meeting. Having seen some of the wonderful quilts our members have made, she did wonder if it was too simplistic however it is sometimes nice to go back to basics, and for those who have not yet tried paper piecing, it was good to get a few hints and tips.

In addition to all of the above, Jo also showed us a number of beautiful quilts that she has completed herself.

Jo Lynette Anderson design Quilt .jpg

These images show the front and a close-up detail of a Lynette Anderson design with applique, embroidery and long-arm quilting.

Jo Lynette Anderson design Quilt detail.jpg
Jo Quilt .jpg
Jo Quilt detail.jpg

Another quilt using the same techniques.

Here are a couple of Jellyroll quilts. The image on the right shows the effect of using angles of bright fabrics against a plain white background.

Jo Jellyroll Quilt .jpg
Jo Jellyroll Quilt with angles.jpg
Jo A Dogs Life Quilt.jpg

This is another Lynette Anderson design, an asymmetric picture titled "A Dog's Life"

Jo Quilt Disappearing 9-patch in grey.jpg

Here is Jo's interpretation of a Disappearing 9-Patch, in grey. So beautifully executed, one of our members bought it for her daughter.

This is the front and detail of a cute quilt from Kids Quilts, a New Zealand company that creates wonderful designs for children. The applique is edged in black blanket stitch which really makes the characters stand out. Check out their site at

Jo Quilt with embroidery front.jpg
Jo Quilt with embroidery detail.jpg

Here is another example of embroidery and long-arm quilting, with the right-hand picture showing the detail in one of the circles.

Jo Kids Quilt front.jpg
Jo Kids Quilt detail.jpg