Orpington Quilters

Unfinished Objects

At our February 2022 meeting, members were invited to bring in their unfinished objects (UFOs), preferably their oldest UFO, and talk about why they can't either bring themselves to finish it or bear to look at it again. Many excellent examples were discussed and although there were many reasons why the work was not finished, the most frequent excuse was that it was put to one side whilst another (more exciting?) project was started.

Anna UFO.jpg

Anna started this hexagon quilt following the talk on English Paper Piecing by Nancy Adamek in March 2020. Unfortunately she became bored with it, deciding she couldn't sew and watch TV as she could with her knitting. Also, it evoked memories from her school days of a similar project led by a "wicked witch"!

On the right is a Double Wedding Ring quilt which Mary started 10-12 years ago. She still has plans to finish it as everything is cut out and ready to sew. It was put to one side to do something else but not picked up again before now.

Mary UFO.jpg
Debbie UFO.jpg

This hexagon quilt was started by Debbie when she was 18 but then life got in the way. She is determined to finish it within 40 years, which is at the end of April this year!

Carol UFO.jpg

Carol made the above quilt top in a workshop "Pinwheel With a Twist" back in October 2014. She says that now that it is out, it will be finished by the end of the year.

Mags UFO.jpg

Mags started this Hummingbird hand project back in 1999. In 2001 she unpicked it as she didn't like her hand quilting. Unfortunately the disassembly resulted in some pieces fraying badly so she suspects it may never get finished.

Chris Kaffe Fasset UFO.jpg

Chris brought along an unfinished Kaffe Fassett piece.........

......and the top of the Block of the Month quilt from 2020, beautifully made with Liberty prints. It's almost there!

Chris BOM UFO.jpg

Norma brought in 3 of her unfinished projects.......

Norma Lone Star UFO.jpg

This Lone Star piece, made of Liberty strips, was started in 2006. She had laid the strips out on an old sheet to get an understanding of how it should be pieced together, but it was a  very complicated and difficult process.

Norma Mountain Majesty UFO.jpg

In 2012, Norma started the Mountain Majesty above, using blocks from a workshop.

Norma New York Beauty UFO.jpg

For this New York Beauty pattern, Norma used scrap colours over paper pieces. However, she couldn't remember how to put it together.

Yvonne UFO.jpg

Yvonne started these Nova Star blocks in 2017, using free fat quarters. However, she didn't like the materials so the project was abandoned.

Diane UFO.jpg

As a fresh-faced 16 year old in 1974, Diane started this hexagon quilt, which included fussy cutting. She went off to university, without her project, and then life got in the way. The materials used hold a lot of memories for her so she still has plans to finish it.