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December 2021
Our annual Christmas buffet was a lively affair, with all members contributing to the party with all sorts of lovely food and drink, what a spread it was! Everyone brought a fat quarter and Diane led us, in groups of six, through the process of cutting these down and passing half on, with the end result being each member in the group having 6 random pieces of fabric with which to make some quilted object to be presented at the April AGM as a finished article.
November 2021
At this month's meeting, members took part in creating some festive decorations. The Christmas bells can be seen on the Show 'n Tell Gallery page.
October 2021
Our delayed AGM was held in October. Many items were discussed, including the election Yvonne Seymour and Jennifer Viner to share the post of Deputy Chair. It was also agreed that the group quilts, held by multiple members, should be catalogued and then offered up for sale or auction, the details to be confirmed at the April AGM.

September 2021

Our meeting this month was very noisy, as you can imagine. It was so lovely to catch up with friends that we had not seen for many months. It is hardly surprising that not all topics of conversation were quilting related! Luckily it appears that most of our members seem to have avoided the ravages of this terrible virus.


Also, many members presented their 'show and tells', including several Block of the Month quilts and other projects. Click here to see their amazing quilts on the Show'n Tell Gallery page.


During lockdown Polly, our chair, decided to step down following her move out of the area, the commute was just a little too far! Therefore we have a vacancy for the Chair position. Anna has stepped up into the Acting Chair role until this position is filled. Also, the committee member for managing refreshments also stood down so in the interim, until this position is filled, it has been agreed that each member will provide their own refeshments if required. The caveat to that will be that when we have a speaker, tea, coffe and refreshments will be provided.

April 2020

After the March meeting it became necessary for us to cancel our meetings at Crofton Halls due to the Corona Pandemic.  The suspension lasted for much longer than anyone thought it would but happily we were able to restart our meetings in September 2021.

March 2020

This month we were treated to a wonderful talk on English Paper Piecing by Nancy Adamek. Click here to learn more about her career in this method.


Also, many members presented their 'show and tells' including several incubator quilts. Click here to see their amazing quilts on the Show'n Tell Gallery page.

February 2020

At this meeting we were treated to another episode in Jennifer's series of "My Life in Stitches" It was the turn of Yvonne Seymour and Diane Brown to be interviewed and they both brought in a fabulous selection of their work for us to see.  Click here to read more about this.


We also had a visit from Jo at Puddleducks with her Pop-up Shop, a wonderful selection of gorgeous fabrics for sale.


We also saw a terrific selection of Tree Blocks made for the Australian bush fires victims.  Read more on the Show'n Tell Gallery page.

January 2020

Very exciting start to a New Year -  the group was offered a block of the month project to start this month.  Three main colours and background required or the project can be made with scrappy fabrics.


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